The Web connects people. It's very much a world-wide and wonderful thing. It also connects organisations. And this is why the Web can greatly improve the way you interact with your customers and colleagues.

Our mission is to help organisations become more effective. Yes, we do know that's a tall order. So, to achieve this, we create smart, browser-based solutions that, simply put, make the Web work for them.

With our innovative web platform Reflexis Flow, we help companies streamline both their communications and operations, making them more flexible and focus on what matters most.

We hope these few pages will give you an idea of what we have to offer. Mostly though, we'd like to hear your story and discuss how we can help. We'd love to hear from you!

What we do

We create web solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. Our clients operate in many areas and include profit and non-profit organisations alike, both in- and outside our home base, the Netherlands.

Our creations are wide-ranging. We've produced anything from smart platforms that help people collaborate effectively, to web interviewing systems that gather and report on large amounts of collected data.

We always aim to make the user experience as intuitive (and, dare we say, elegant) as possible, without losing sight of the flexibility, productivity and reliability that our enterprise customers demand.

Reflexis is proud that through the years our team of experts has gained a reputation for being an IT partner that provides innovative systems that companies can not only depend but also thrive on.

some projects

BPV Monitor

About Flow

A good tool helps you get things done quickly and easily, almost without thinking. But, things that are easy to use often take quite a bit of care and thought to create. It takes serious effort to make things simple.

That's why we built Reflexis Flow, our agile software platform based on web standards, open source technologies and a pinch of Dutch ingenuity. Its model-driven approach ensures we can develop solutions effortlessly, while its many adaptable building blocks helps us deliver the results that truly match your needs.

By taking advantage of our software, you can respond to customers faster, better and with less effort. Our platform also enables you to orchestrate and optimise operations, involving employees or customers, regardless of location and availability. Put simply, it helps you to organise and analyse, and enables you to adapt to change.

If you really want the Web to work for you, Reflexis Flow makes it happen. In other words, we can help you make things simple, too!

Organise, optimise

Information technology can make a world of difference, whether you're a small organisation that wants to react professionally to incoming requests, or a large company where employees across many departments have to respond efficiently to customer demands.

If your communications and operations involve any combination (or number) of customers, employees or partners, you simply need to be prepared. We believe you need to leverage what the Web can do for you.

With Reflexis Flow we can tailor elegant, browser-based solutions to the specific needs of your organisation. While our workflow technology enables you to orchestrate, analyse and streamline how people work together or interact with customers.

In a nutshell, Reflexis Flow helps you tackle complex situations with ease. It provides you with a flexible, process-based IT platform where intuitive solutions bring your organisation all the benefits the Web has to offer.

Onto the Web

An agile, process-centric platform for web applications, like Reflexis Flow, is an excellent way to optimise your IT and really start making the Web work for you. But let's not forget: simply switching to web-based solutions already gives you many benefits.

Since browsers are virtually everywhere, people can use your system from the office, from their homes, or even while they're on the road. And as there is no client software to install or keep up-to-date, your solution is easy to deploy and evolve, while always within reach.

Depending on your needs, we deliver systems that help you respond to customers, streamline workflows involving employees and people in partner organisations, and make sure everyone (including your customers and you) stays informed.

Scenarios where communication involves many people, were traditionally quite hard to deal with. Now, they're almost a breeze to implement: the Web provides the better part of the infrastructure, and Reflexis Flow can take care of the rest. It really is that easy.

About us

Reflexis was started back in 1999 by a small team of software specialists. Wide-eyed and ambitious we took on any technical challenge clients threw our way, the trickier the better.

Then we started noticing how frequently organisations failed to take full advantage of the Web. These lost opportunities prompted us to shift our focus and we became much more "web-centric".

Several years worth of web projects later, we took our next big step. We created a powerful and flexible platform for model-driven, process-centric web development, and called it Reflexis Flow.

Reflexis Flow ensures what we create can evolve. The world is always changing and our clients like it when their systems can adapt. In the same vein, they value that we use web standards and open source technologies.

Nearly a dozen years down the road, it's fair to say that we're a little less wide-eyed nowadays. But, our ambitions are still as tall as ever. If you want us to help you realise yours, do give us a call.


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